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We have worked on a diverse range of projects, touching various points of the employee lifecycle. We have the ability to create a tailored solution in order to specifically meet your organization’s needs.

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  • "I learned a lot from your session. I actually just finished sharing many of the things I learned on our team call. I look forward to reviewing your work further and seeing how we can utilize it. I was pleased to see a new perspective on a well worn topic.”

    Mequel Scott, Training & Development ManagerAT&T;
Speaking and Growing Awareness

Speaker: TEDx Centennial Park Women

Talk Title: Corporate Fail? Next Generation Are Entrepreneurial
TEDx Theme: Momentum
Audience: 300+ professional women, many in senior leadership positions

"By the lunch break, every table was talking about your talk. It really stood out as one of the most insightful "ideas that matter" of the morning" -- attendee

Keynote Speaker: Annual Diversity Summit

Talk Title: Engaging the Next Generation
Audience: 400+ community members and university staff

"Your talk was insightful, helped us understand generations better, and inspired us to take action." -- attendee

Panelist: Executive Women of Goizueta Advancing Women in Leadership Annual Conference

Talk Title: Embracing Multi-Generational Diversity
Conference Theme: Diversity Pays Dividends
Audience: 350+ alumni of Emory's Goizueta MBA program, primarily women in executive positions. Panel moderated by Dr. Benn Konsynski, Emory professor; keynotes included Ralph de la Vega, CEO of AT&T Business and Mobile Solutions and Carla Harris, Vice Chairman of Morgan Stanley

Speaker: firstPro Client Education Sessions for Continuing Professional Education credits

Various Talks given on engaging and managing Millennials to an average audience size of 75 clients of firstPro, a staffing firm. 

"The presentation was our most widely-anticipated, and it received excellent reviews from our clients. It was a tremendous value for the cost, and I give Crystal my full endorsement." - firstPro event organizer

TEDxSarasota Speaker

Theme: Harmonious Havoc
Talk Title: Gen Y: Digital Coma or Digitally Powered?
Audience: 350+ people

"Your talk was so uniquely powerful because it was relatable by all ages. We went home and talked about it at dinner and all of us, from my 9 year old to my husband, had something we got from it. You really get all ages and your insights are so valuable for the older generation."

Session Speaker: American Society of Training and Development Annual ACE Conference

2014 Talk Title: Taking a Page From the Millennial Book: How to Learn Like a Millennial
Conference Theme: Innovation: Are You Ready and Able to Upgrade Your Competencies
Audience: 50 L&D and Talent Development individual contributors, managers, and leaders

2013 Title: Evaluation Strategies for Gen Y
Conference Theme: L&D As a Value Creator
Audience: 50 L&D individual contributors, managers, and leaders

"I learned a lot from...more

Session Speaker: SHRM Atlanta & HR Florida State SHRM Conference

SHRM Atlanta:
Talk Title: Strategies for Dealing with Tough Situations with Millennials
Audience: 50 HR individual contributors, managers, and leaders

HR Florida:
Talk Title: Separating Fact from Fiction - 3 ways to Attract Retain and Engage Millennials
Audience: 50 HR individual contributors, managers, and leaders

Keynote Speaker: Georgia Rec Sports Association Annual Conference

Talk Title: Managing Gen Y in University Environments
Audience: 150 Georgia-wide university and student staff

"I learned that people are people. The more we communicate and collaborate, the better the chances for productive change.” — Conference attendee

Attract Talent

"The solution created was simple - it refreshed and reused tools we already had that engaged new hires in new ways. We often hear new hires say that the program is challenging and the best training they have been through"


On-Boarding Program Redesign

Created globally standard, user-driven, cloud based tool for a specific function within organization.

  • Promoted engaging offline relationship building and training throughout Year 1
  • Currently ~85% of new hires and their managers are engaged with this tool.

Read a full description of the case study here.


New Hire Training Program Redesign

Took 7 week, ineffective, unengaging F2F program to a 2 week F2F with blended learning program.

  • Analyzed new hire capability needs
  • Developed new curricula with SMEs
  • New hires and their managers consistently rate training as extremely engaging and as building capability faster than previous training.
Retain and Engage

Career Path & Training Integration Strategy

Discovery led to need to clarify career development. Designed strategy to link competencies and training to career paths.

  • Defined standard roles
  • Mapped competencies to standard roles
  • Created user requirements for online portal
Read the full case study here.
Training & Capability Programs

Online Social Network Design

Built on-going online community for a previously offline, annual F2F only network within an organization

  • Analyzed user base to define engagement factors and objective of social network
  • Created a strategy for a champion-driven network with rewards system for usage
  • Focused on knowledge transfer and relationship building

Millennial Regional Network Creation

  • Analyzed user base to understand most effective uses of network
  • Created right mix of events, relationship building, and social learning to maximize benefits, including knowledge transfer and peer-to-peer networking
  • Network included ~200 new hires across North America region.

"She helped us evolve our new hire network from headquarters-only to region wide network, building new, virtual relationships and community where there wasn't one before."

Effectively Managing Millennials: Blended, Online Training Program

Training designed using social learning and application elements to drive engagement and capability building

  • Online university approach using Desire2Learn (similar to Blackboard)
  • One of the highest rated trainings at client
Read about the full case study here.