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Wherever you are in your modern culture evolution, we can help you!
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Modern Culture Diagnostic

Look at the whole picture.

Diagnose turnover and get ROI on your recruiting dollars. Includes one initial focus group and one large scale survey.

Pricing for Millennial employee population of 1500 or lower.

Typical Engagement Timing: 12-16 weeks



Modern Learning Design Workshop

Focus in on capability development.

Schedule a 1-day workshop for your instructional design team, featuring our proprietary Modern Learning Design Process, design toolkit, and a workbook for each participant.

Engagement Timing: 1 day recommended.



Speaking Engagement

Spark initial momentum with a talk from Crystal.

She can deliver in a variety of engaging formats, from senior leadership meetings to employee resource groups to practical workshops.

Engagement Timing: One hour. For longer talks, please inquire.



Generation University

Modern cultures start with inclusion.

Our award-winning blended learning training develops demonstrable cross-generational collaboration skills, driving cultural change.

Engagement Timing: Varies.




The Millennial Myth

Order The Millennial Myth in bulk for your organization.

Get everyone speaking the same language

The indispensable guide to meaningful modern workplace changes based on dispelling the top five Millennial myths: Laziness, Entitlement, Needing to be Handheld, Authority Issues, and Disloyalty.

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