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Generation University™ is an award-winning one of a kind learning program to build cross-generation collaboration and leadership skills.

 “This is a very different approach than the standard generations training - it’s exactly what we need! It’s useful, practical, engaging content that our employees can relate to.” — Corporate Trainer

The design of the courses uses an online learning platform that combines activities such as discussion boards, quizzes, assignments, and more in one place. It is a two-way, learner-content interactive course that promotes learning transfer, while remaining self-paced and individual – it is not a web-based training or typical e-learning format.

See the results for yourself! Review one of our case studies and feel free to contact us for more information.

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What: 4 courses, paced over 4 weeks or as a blended learning offering, HIGH impact

This unique program of 4 online courses progressively increases employee’s generational collaboration capability, converts commonly shared views on generations into actionable workplace strategies, with an emphasis on the Generation Y/Millennial Generation. The 4 courses culminate in receiving a certification in Multi-Generational Work. The program is highly flexible: It can be offered as self-paced, condensed into a shorter time period, or as a blended learning program in a classroom.

You can find detailed Business, Performance, and Learning Objectives for each Course in the program here.


Why: Outstanding Results

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*75% of participants said their engagement and relationships will improve significantly; 100% agreed it would improve. *66% said their productivity will improve significantly; 100% agreed it would improve.


comment2You may be interested in this training program if your organization is interested in:

  • Providing foundational understanding of Millennials and generations for your organization
  • Improving productivity and engagement through proven frameworks that increase collaboration across the multi-generation workplace
  • Meeting your Diversity and Inclusion Strategy needs around generations in the workplace



Other Programs We Offer:

Effectively Managing Millennials™

Based on Drucker’s timeless management philosophy, this training highlights key differences when managing Millennials and strategies for managers of Millennials.

  • Giving Feedback
  • Coaching Effectively
  • Maintaining Accountability
  • Motivating Millennials
  • Communicating with Millennials

Managers receive 5 Manager Action Worksheets as a part of this training.

2-4 hours Interactive Online Training with Offline activities (~30 min online content).


You may be interested in this training program if your organization:

  • Has highly tenured managers that may not be ready to adapt management style for Millennials’ new expectations
  • Consistently shows low scores around manager-employee relationship for Millennial employees
  • Is interested in generally improving managerial capability by understanding the key areas Millennials differ in


Millennials as Managers™

This training builds capability where Millennials have shown critical gaps as managers.

2 hours Interactive Online Training with Offline activities (~30 min online content). Topics covered include:

  • Being Perceived as a Leader
  • We vs. Me Mindset
  • Prove Self to Tenured Employees
  • Motivate Across Generations
  • Managing Peers


You may be interested in this training program if your organization:

  • Has promoted Millennials into leadership positions
  • Is interested in ramping up Millennial managerial capability in the key areas Millennial Managers specifically struggle with
  • Building long term leadership capability in high potential Millennial Managers


Custom Training

We can create custom, interactive online or offline training to meet your organization’s needs.

We have given training on the following topics and can create programs if your in-house multi-generation workforce knowledge is insufficient:

  • Social Learning Strategies for the Multi-Generation Workforce
  • Keeping the Gen Y Love: 3 Ways to Manage Meaningful Work
  • Training Design for Millennials
  • Technology In the Workplace: A Double Edged Sword
  • Young Professionals: Breaking Through Generational Presumptions
  • How to Learn Like a Digital Native