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Introducing the Modern Culture Assessment™

What makes an organization Modern and Millennial-Friendly?

From over 4 years of research and 100+ Millennials reports, case studies and benchmarking analyses, we have created the Modern Culture Assessment. Our research shows that organizations must strategically meet the needs of 10 key Modern Factors or “M-factors” to engage today’s digitally enabled talent.

Have you had a check up on your current culture to fully leverage today’s human capital?

Mfactor3What: A Two Day Deep Dive Assessment

Millennials are a leading indicator for changes that need to be made for today’s digitally-driven society. Corporate workplaces are lagging behind the changes that have occurred and unfortunately, there is little in the way of frameworks to guide leaders. Instead of strategically understanding today’s talents needs, many throw darts on the proverbial dartboard of engagement and introduce open office layouts, flip flops in the office, and other superficial changes, not knowing if it will work for their culture.

That’s where we come in. Our Modern Culture Assessment provides an overall M-Score based on assessing the state of 10 key M-Factors for your organization. We understand the needs of Millennials and effectively translate those needs for your industry and culture.


Deliverables and Process:

Through two days on site, we will:

  • Assess your overall current culture using our proprietary analysis, diving into 10 crucial M-Factors
  • Conduct focus groups to assess where you are and where you can be
  • Present findings including the following key results:
    • Your current overall M-Score
    • A deep dive understanding of each M-Factor’s individual score
    • A comprehensive strategy to take advantage of opportunities found and improve your M-score


You may be interested in this if your organization:

  • Is interested in being known as a best place to work now and for years to come
  • Has a low retention rate/high turnover rate for Millennials or those with less than 5 years of tenure
  • Has low employee engagement scores for Millennials (those aged less than 34 today)


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