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Modernize Your Learning Programs

Many organizations struggle with outdated training methods that are no longer effective across multiple generations of learners. At the Modern Learner workshop, learning and development (L&D) professionals will learn how to turn an existing training program into a modern learning program that will keep their companies and their own L&D organization relevant in today’s talent marketplace.

L&D organizations are caught between two different, changing worlds: the organization and the employees. The C-suite wants development programs that attract, develop, and retain employees in today’s competitive talent world. Meanwhile, modern learners, a diverse, multinational group, want to have information when they need it and how they want it. Is your L&D team ready to transform into a modern learning organization?


The Modern Learner workshop will show you how to convert your organization into a modern learning and development culture.

  • Close skill gaps faster by enabling learning at the speed of the 24/7 digital workplace.
  • Engage modern learners by optimizing current learning methods, integrating learning solutions into the workplace, and applying a proprietary Learning Clusters design technique.
  • Modernize your L&D function, including a revamped L&D scorecard to reflect today’s realities.


Workshop facilitators Crystal Kadakia and Lisa M.D. Owens bring a wealth of real-world experience and a proprietary learning clusters design technique that will help you transform one of your existing training programs into a modern learning program guaranteed to excite your learners. They will guide you through the four challenges for modern L&D, while demonstrating the difference between traditional and modern learning programs.

What Participants Will Take Away

During this workshop, participants will gain an:

  • Introduction and practice in our proprietary 5-step Modern Learning Instructional Design Process that shifts the goal from designing classes and courses to designing Learning Clusters
  • Access to a cloud-based library of blank templates, co-created best practices, and community connection
  • A handbook containing tools, examples, case studies, and more


Our 5-step process to design modern learning is intentionally crafted to enable employee performance on the job by:

  • Providing learning when and where the employee needs it
  • Focusing on the business goals more than ever
  • Delivering content so that each learner can best consume it
  • Facilitating adaptive learning through access to dynamic resources (v. static content)


Unlike traditional instructional design processes, the Modern Learning Instructional Design Process reflects the modern, digital context of today at each step, reinforcing a new goal for learning and development organizations. This process drives a crucial shift for L&D from teaching content to enabling performance for the business.

Workshop Target Audience

  • Learning & Development Leaders
  • Learning & Development Professionals
  • Subject Matter Experts or other knowledge management professionals, responsible for enabling organizational learning

Workshop Length

We can modify the curricula to fit your needs for length, anywhere from a 3 hour to a 2 day workshop. Our recommendation is a 1-day training. See pricing page for more details.

What do attendees have to say about the event?

“The Modern Learner conference was an exceptionally good investment. This was a great chance to step away and think about the big picture: how best to organize and deliver training that works for everyone in this age. With most conferences it’s good to leave with a few new hints; this one left me with ideas that could carry my organization through the next several years. Thank you Lisa and Crystal!”—Previous Attendee

“Very interactive and made more valuable by table discussions.”—Previous Attendee

“Excellent program and facilitators.”—Previous Attendee

“This is a very necessary topic and it was a pleasure.”—Previous Attendee

“I have sat through many trainings in my career and I can honestly say Crystal and Lisa were two of the best facilitators I’ve ever experienced. I took away a ton of value.”—Previous Attendee

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