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Lauded speaker, author, and consultant, Crystal Kadakia is on mission to enable organizations and talent to work together to revolutionize the workplace for today’s digital world.

We are living in a pivotal time where the last generation to grow up and remember a world without the internet has joined the workforce: the Millennials. Many leaders struggle with creating a modern workplace culture that will survive and thrive during this generation transition.  Her talks bring to life the long-lasting changes Millennials are leading indicators of, distilled into 10 key "M-Factors" including topics such as rewards and recognition, management skills, intrapreneurial culture, and more.


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TEDxSarasota: Millennials: Digital Coma or Digitally Powered?

Living as a female Millennial who also has had experience in Fortune 100 companies, she is in a unique position to accurately represent digitally enabled generations. Her background as an engineer as well as training manager who has implemented global talent development programs allows her to teach practical, actionable workplace skills. Her ability to speak from the lens of all generations, not just Millennials, has been recognized by leaders and employees across many industries.

The co-author of Your Career: How to Make It Happen, she has firsthand insight into job seekers today and talent acquisition trends. Also, as the developer of Generation University™, the leading training program for embracing multi-generational diversity, she creates lasting change and has deep expertise in cross-generation collaboration. She has been honored to advise and speak at organizations including 3M, Monster.com, Executive Women of Goizueta, firstPro Staffing, a Fortune 50 Financial Institution, Association of Talent Development, and Society of Human Resources

Annual Diversity Summit

Our Signature Topics include:

  • The Big 5 Trends of Talent-Driven Org Design - This talk highlights a new way of looking at transformation of the workplace: talent-driven organization transformation. The audience will learn about the top 5 key trends the Millennial and Gen Z generations are expecting for their careers and their primary motivations.
  • Millennial Generation Explained - Millennials are the most analyzed, researched, talked about generation because of the advent of the internet and social media. Yet, the majority of the conversation centers around negative, difficult to implement concepts not based on the real changes and drivers behind the generation. In this session, Crystal not only brings the right foundation about Millennials, she head on addresses common complaints about Millennials. By the end of this session, attendees often comment they have an entirely new perspective on how to work with Millennials.

TEDx2015: Corporate Fail? Next Gen is Entrepreneurial

  • YOLO and Millennial Entrepreneurs - In the fight for top talent today, corporations often miss the biggest competitor: the potential candidates themselves. 72% of high school students say they want to be entrepreneurs someday. In this session, Crystal brings to life this trend and what corporations can do to build an “intra-preneurship” culture
  • Managing and Engaging Digital Native Generations - Often, managers and co-workers don't understand where Millennials are coming from in common situations like asking for promotion, raises, workplace flexibility, and feedback. In this practical session, learn what works on an everyday level with younger generations and the reasons behind their approach.


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How Millennials Learn

“You rocked the stage yesterday. I appreciated your insights and research work behind Millennials. I am taking your challenge to stop, look, listen and learn by asking a follow-up question for clarity.” Diane Fennig, Consultant The Human Capital Group


"You are doing some awesome work, and I admire your ability to create and communicate your insights. On the way home on the plane you caused my wife and I to reflect on what you are doing." -- TEDx Attendee

"Your keynote was excellent and I very much enjoyed the Young Professionals session on Thursday afternoon. I cannot thank you enough for your participation. Very engaging!" - Lisa Hughes, President SHRM Atlanta

"The presentation was our most widely-anticipated, and it received excellent reviews from our clients. It was a tremendous value for the cost, and I give Crystal my full endorsement." - firstPro event organizer

"I truly enjoyed your keynote & afternoon session. You are by far the best multi-generational speaker I have heard." - Kimberly Douglas, Firefly Facilitation 

"Crystal delivered a message that helped me view my pre-conceived notions of generational stereotypes. She argues that the "Gen Y" people who are infiltrating our workforce are not as much of a "problem" as we often think them to be.

 Instead, she is challenging us to see the opportunity to look at the strengths that younger generations bring to the table: resourcefulness, courage, an undeniable spirit of entrepreneurship.

Thanks Crystal for helping us remember that the diverse strengths we each bring to the table are what afford us a wonderfully broad perspective on work, and life." -- D. Lobb, conference attendee