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 The Millennial Myth: Transforming Misunderstanding into Workplace Breakthroughs


“An important book at just the right time. Over the past few years we have become a four generation workplace culture. That has presented some huge communication and cultural challenges. One of the biggest challenges to effective and essential collaborations are the communication breakdowns that prevent alignment. A critical part of the equation are the stereotypes many people have of millennials. And that’s why this book is an essential guide for the workplace. It unpacks five critical perceptual roadblocks that hamper inter-generational collaboration. Crystal uses her own experience to bust the mythological chains people often put millenials in. Understanding leads to connection and with the new eyes created by this book possibilities are created. Buy this book and enable young people to make their full contribution in business, government and all organizations and contexts.” — Stewart Levine, Amazon Customer Review

From new hires to top level executives, the phrase Millennial Generation elicits frustration, polarized discussions, and ample eye-rolling. They’re lazy, they’re entitled, they’ve even been called “the worst generation.” Instead of leaders focused on adapting for the future, these stereotypes support the persistence of an outdated corporate workplace model that fails to attract, engage, and retain modern talent. Crystal Kadakia, who is a Millennial herself—as well as an OD consultant, two-time TEDx speaker, and engineer—argues that correcting the misunderstanding behind these stereotypes and reestablishing a more holistic, less biased perspective holds clues for critical strategic choices to evolve the workplace as we know it.

The Millennial Myth takes on five myths: lazy, entitled, needing constant feedback, disloyal, and authority issues. Through her One Coin, Two Sides model, Kadakia defines the observed Millennial behavior for each and then explores from two angles: the traditional mindset that creates the current stereotype and the modern, Millennial mindset.

The Millennial Myth is your insider’s guide to go from complaining about the Millennial Generation to feeling empowered to create an engaging, profitable place to work!

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