Our team is made of Millennials and Generation Z who are at the top of their game. The insights and talents they bring are our foundation.

In addition to our team, we are guided by mentors who have leadership level experience across the talent development space as well as access to a multitude of next generation voices through our network. We also partner strategically with other consulting firms and technology vendors as needed.

Crystal Kadakia, Founder & Principal Consultant

Crystal is that lightning in a bottle. Her journey exemplifies Millennial trends with career changes from engineering to training to entrepreneurship. Her visionary ability combined with balanced left and right brain execution lend to extraordinary insight driven solutions. Her passion is simplifying the complex and creating practical people-problem solving tools that have potential for widespread change. Her background includes:

» Founded Invati (formerly Career Indulgence) in 2011

» Co-Author, Your Career: How to Make It Happen 9th Edition

» 6 years at a Fortune 100 company as a Project Engineer, then Training Manager

» B.S. with Honors in Chemical Engineering, University of Texas at Austin

» Certified Coach, Professional Speaker, Huffington Post Blogger, Past TEDx speaker

Jacklyn “Jay” Faith, Associate Consultant

Jay is an articulate, people driven individual, who is excited by exploring the latest trends in the workplace. Jay has a broad range of experience, from the Home Depot to Cisco, and comes from a background in Accounting and Business Management. Currently pursuing her Masters in I/O Psychology, Jay brings a wealth of knowledge and insight on generations in the workplace and leadership strategies. She is also certified in Lean Six Sigma as a Green Belt and has completed numerous talent and HR related consulting projects independently.

René DeAnda, Research Extraordinaire

If there’s one word to describe René, it is curiosity. After spending 3 years working as an engineer for Verizon, René is on the path to pursue his MBA while continuing to pursue projects that merge his passion for technology and people. He brings expertise in the telecommunications industry as well as in the engineering field and leverages his insights on Millennials and workplace design.

Aaron Wang, Experienced Marketer & IT Consultant

Aaron comes to Invati as a part time resource to help guide marketing and strategy efforts. With experience working for 5 different consulting firms throughout his career as well as starting his own successful copywriting firm, Aaron brings enthusiasm for spreading the word about Invati. He is passionate about drilling down to the essence of the problem and excels at bringing the solutions to life.

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