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We infuse your culture with leading human capital trends to attract, develop, retain, and drive innovation from the latest generation of employees.

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[in⋅vah⋅tee] इन्वति

verb, Sanskrit 

 It means "Infuse with Strength".

That's what we do.

We began studying Millennial behavior over five years ago and are the leading experts in transforming the modern workplace based on the digitally-influenced needs of future talent, including Millennials and Gen Z. For industries with increasing Boomer retirements and decreasing attractiveness to today's top talent, such as Manufacturing, Utilities, and Insurance, transforming traditional corporate culture to a renewed workplace model is crucial. 

Adapting the workplace to a digital world is top of mind for leaders around the globe. How do we take the status quo structure and culture that has served us well in the past 70 years and evolve it? What do we evolve it to?

Here's the typical solution. Most organizations:
  • Only react under competitive pressure
  • Copy "sexy" workplaces
  • Use a mess of statistics, whitepapers, and consultants to throw darts at the proverbial whiteboard of possible solutions
What all of these solutions to evolution lacks is strategy. And as a result, organizations land in a place where they are unable to attract, retain, and engage modern talent, much less adapt workplace culture for today's world. 

What we do instead is help shape the present based on clarifying the future. We do that by:
  • Making sense of the Millennial mess - provide clear understanding about Millennial behavior
  • Connect Millennial behavior with defining the new needs of all digitally-enabled talent (across generations, Gen Z, etc.)
  • Co-create workplace culture strategy that takes your organization from old-school to fit for the future 

Come explore the future of the workplace with us.

Meet Crystal Kadakia, CEO & Founder

Crystal is a lauded speaker, author, trainer, and consultant for Millennial behavior and digital workplace transformation. She is known for powerfully shifting people's Millennial mindsets and working with leaders to connect Millennial behavior they see to process and culture changes for productive workplaces in a digital world. This includes the following modern workplace challenges: modern learning organizations, engaging today's digitally-enabled workforce, facilitating knowledge transfer, and building intrapreneurial culture. 

She is the founder of Invati Consulting and has developed a variety of solutions to help organizations, including: award-winning Generation University, the Modern Learner training program, and the Modern Culture Discovery. 

She is the author of two books, The Millennial Myth (Berrett-Koehler, 2017) and Your Career (Cengage, 2016). Her clients span a wide variety of industries, both public and private sector, as well as professional associations including: Ellucian, UPS, Wells Fargo, FedEx, Monster.com, ATD, SHRM, General Dynamic Electric Boat, Advertising Specialty Institute, MBA Career Services Employer Alliance, and University of the Pacific. 

She is honored to be a two-time TEDx speaker and Kepplers Speaker Bureau member. She has spoken at 100+ venues to audiences of 40 to 1000, from front line employees to leaders. She is also recipient of the Chief Learning Officer's Learning in Practice Gold award, Power 30 Under 30 award, and ATD's One to Watch award. 

Crystal is a blogger for the Huffington Post, Talent Economy, and the Human Capital Institute. Her educational background includes a degree in Chemical Engineering, a Masters in Organizational Development ('18), a coaching certification and a career as an engineer and training manager for a Fortune 100 company.

Our Partners and Advisors

  • Lisa MD Owens, Author & Consultant with over 20 years in the Learning & Development Industry

  • Andrea Falls, CEO & Founder at Popular Genius

  • Mick UklejaAuthor, Managing the Millennials
  • Jennifer KahnweilerAuthor of Quiet Influence, The Introverted Leader, & The Genius of Opposites

Press & Recognition

You can find Crystal's work on Huffington PostMedium, Human Capital Institute, and LinkedIn. For easy access, feel free to subscribe to our bimonthly newsletter.

  • "Your talk was so uniquely powerful because it was relatable by all ages. We went home and talked about it at dinner and all of us, from my 9 year old to my husband, had something we got from it. You really get all ages and your insights are so valuable for the older generation."

    Assunta Swier, CEOHuB Incubator
  • "I learned a lot from your session. I actually just finished sharing many of the things I learned on our team call. I look forward to reviewing your work further and seeing how we can utilize it. I was pleased to see a new perspective on a well worn topic.”

    Mequel Scott, Training & Development ManagerAT&T