Is Your Organization Meeting the Needs of a Digitally Enabled World?
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Driving Crucial Connections Between Millennial Behavior and Digital Workplace Transformation

Three Steps to Digital Transformation:
Transform Generational Bias, Discover the Present, Initiate Change

Corporate, traditional workplaces are struggling to engage talent in today's digitally enabled world. At Invati, we believe that instead of looking to Millennials as the problem, we can turn to them for a solution. Our service offerings help your organization evolve, starting by expanding traditional mindsets about Millennials all the way to integrating digitally-enabled behavior into the fabric of the way your company does work.

Transform Generational Bias

Shift Mindsets on Millennials.

Generational bias is a unfortunate reality of the workplace - from the leadership level down. It creates a barrier to adapting organizations for the digital world and must be addressed prior to transformation. Here's how we help:

> Speaking: Two-time TEDx Speaker, Crystal Kadakia transforms the "stuck" biased mindset for audiences through her female, Millennial, Fortune 50 experienced voice.

> Books: The Millennial Myth: Transforming Misunderstanding into Workplace Breakthroughs is a great way to get your team speaking the same language.

> Generation University: Our award-winning blended learning program goes beyond embracing generational diversity to building cross-generational relationship capability. Participants, across all levels and generations, gain a new generation-specific lens, co-create day-to-day leadership and collaboration strategies, and ultimately, plant the seeds for culture shift. Gen U just won GOLD in 2016 for Excellence in Content at CLO's Learning in Practice Awards.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • "She engaged the audience and facilitated dialogue. And most importantly, she provided incredibly thorough research and insight into such a hot topic. She dispelled common stereotypes and educated our clients on an issue that had previously been difficult to understand. The presentation was our most widely-anticipated, and it received excellent reviews from our clients. It was a tremendous value for the cost, and I give Crystal my full endorsement."

    Kemper Trull, Division DirectorfirstPro Staffing Agency
  • "Generation University™ was a joy to implement. The takeaways by the participants were actionable on a daily basis and the interactive format had long lasting impact."

    Learning and Development DirectorUniversity of Pacific