Do you recognize any of these familiar faces in your company?


Disengaged Diane

“The Person Who Stayed for the Wrong Reasons”

Hi, I’m Diane. I graduated with a Bachelor’s and an MBA. I had a lot of fresh ideas and enthusiasm after my internship with the company. But after 2 years, I’m tired of hearing “This is how it’s always been done” and so I’ve stopped giving my best to the job. I’ve decided it’s fine to stay because I want the steady paycheck and I give performance that is good enough by the company’s standards, but is minimal based on what I could be doing.


Exiting Eric

“The Person Who Left to Build Other Organizations”

Hi, I’m Eric and I’ve always been very ambitious. After joining the company, I learned quickly and took on challenges. I got results, but when I looked at my future with the company, I didn’t know where I could go. It didn’t seem like there was a way for me to use my talents here long term. I got contacted by recruiters at other companies where we talked about long term growth opportunities and I left the company after a year and a half for a more exciting, “sexier” opportunity.


Knowledge Gap Natalie

“The Person Who Can’t Fill The Boomer Gap”

Hi, I’m Natalie. I was hired to take over Elaine’s role. Elaine trained me in the basics and retired. I started out doing fine, but then a situation came up that didn’t follow our normal procedures. I went to my manager, but they didn’t know more than the basics either. We ended up missing the deadline and the customer was dissatisfied. I’m frustrated and my manager is upset by the impact on the business. If we had a better processes to transfer situation-related knowledge before Elaine had retired, we could have avoided this mess. I’m less confident about handling the next situation that comes along.

Sound Familiar?

When you don’t have a working strategy that engages Millennials and manages Generation Transition™, employees like Diane, Eric, and Natalie emerge who hurt your company’s top and bottom line numbers.
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